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The perfect piece to start off a conversation

I spent quite some time trying to figure out the best scratchable map to buy since there are so many online. I love the colors of this scratch off world map poster. I also like the fact that the US states are well labeled. This map has helped me track where I’ve visited in my country. The map comes in a size that is large enough to see all of the beautiful details.

Perfect for travelers

If you’re planning to travel the world, I recommend this scratch off world map poster. The bright colors of the map give an additional flair to an already awesome idea. This scratch map poster is a solid product that can be shared with any member of y our family that loves traveling.

It helps me to plan where to go next

I got my scratch map poster in perfect condition because it came in a very thick giftable tube. It’s a great way for me to look at all the places that I’ve been. It also helps me to effectively plan where to go next. It’s a great piece of art to hang up in areas such as my office or living room.

Looks nice with the perfect size

I’ve been looking forward to getting a scratch off map but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. This country scratch off map is nice and has the perfect size that I wanted; it looks great on my living room wall and it always seems to be the talking point of any party or get together we have.

Fantastic gift for your loved one

This world travel map comes in fantastic packaging. I love scratching it and I can’t wait to start scratching off more areas as I visit them. It’s a great gift to give your significant other or family members that love adventure time.

Good quality and great-looking

I wanted a scratch map that would reveal all the states in the us and not just the country itself. This scratch off map has all the options that I wanted. It’s easy to scratch the silver foil that’s on top, the only suggestion that I would make is use a coin to scratch the map instead of the tools that come with the scratch map. I found that a coin worked much better and didn’t do any damage to the underneath layer. The only concern that I have now is that I need to visit more places to scratch off but that’s never a bad thing. :)