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February 18, 2020

Want to treat the travel enthusiasts in your life? Whether your loved one enjoys backpacking or business travel, our top ten travel gift ideas will get you one step closer to finding the perfect gift to be cherished for years to come. Here’s what we think would be the ultimate gift for a friend or family member who lives for travel.

1. Scratch Off The World Map Decor Poster

Help your loved ones create a vivid record of their journeys around the world with this scratchable map. Not many of us get to see the entire world, but if your friend or family member creates dust before it settles, this is the perfect gift to keep track of their worldly adventures. Forget about geography textbooks or pocket atlases, and give your loved one a gift that’s so much more memorable!

Plan an expedition or record memorable ones! Now, your loved ones can savor each moment as they reveal the vibrantly-colored world contained below the foil.

2. Blue World Map Wall Art

This vintage world map is large, stretched, framed, and ready to be hung on someone’s favorite wall. Give your loved one a beautiful and colorful piece of art to brighten up the room. This museum-quality canvas printed artwork can be hung in the living room, bedroom, and even an office! Each piece has been perfectly handcrafted and professionally-framed - and guarantees a lot of eyes wherever it hangs.

3. RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Know of a travel enthusiast that needs organization? This RFID-blocking travel passport wallet is the ideal holder for all travel essentials including credit cards, boarding passes, your passport, ID card, tickets, coupons, smartphone, pen, SIM card, keys, money, coins…we could go on all day! Made from premium polyurethane and faux suede to offer better grip on the clutch.

4. Electronic Organizer

Is your loved one constantly travelling with an overload of cables? If you do the same, you’ll understand the hassle and hustle better than anyone. Gift this handy organizer to a travel enthusiast you know so that he or she can spend less time detangling those wires, and more enjoying their trip! This organizer provides excellent flexibility that gives you maximum storage space to keep all your electronic accessories and other tools safe.

This travel gift will empower your loved one with more space in their luggage, while ensuring that their accessories are all neatly-packed. Apart from being a storage accessory, this organizer can also be used as a travel checklist to ensure your friends and family never leave anything valuable behind.

5. Universal Waterproof Case

Accidents happen! Phones can be easily damaged when a call is answered in the rain. If your friend or family member constantly works outside, you can help them protect their phones with this universal waterproof case. It’s not only suitable for phones, but can also be used to keep money, cards, passports, keys, and coins safe too. Give your loved ones something they can use to protect their valuables from water when they hike, fish, snorkel, camp, boat, swim, and kayak!

The transparent bag is made from high-quality PVC, and never interferes with phone functionality.

6. Luggage Lock

Need the toughest lock out there to keep your luggage safe and secure? Then this luggage lock is for you. It features a special alloy lock body, steel cables, and strong lock ends enabling it to secure any luggage you may have. It is easier to use on luggage zippers when compared to the rigid design of padlocks. You can even easily program the lock, so you don’t have to bother changing your combination once it’s set.

7. Collapsible Water Bottle

Travelers and adventurers never lose sight of their trusty water bottles. Gift the travel enthusiasts in your life with this collapsible water bottle, uniquely designed to meet the needs of any adventure-seeker. It’s also perfect for activities other than travel, including camping, hiking, road trips, outdoor activities, commuting, exercising, and school trips!

This collapsible water bottle is made from thick yet flexible BPA-free silicone. It maintains a sturdy feel to give you or your loves ones a comfortable drinking experience. It conveniently rolls up if you need to keep it in a tight space. The attached strap secures the water bottle and makes it easy to carry around on-the-go.

8. Airplane Footrest

Give your travel friends a hammock-like experience the likes of which they’ve never experienced before! This fine footrest is made from thick, top-qualitymemory foam to enhance your travel experience as your legs gently swat with the plane’s motion. Plus, it’s super easy to use too! Simply hang it on the tray table’s arms and place your feet on the footrest. This is the best way to help your loved ones arrive energized and refreshed after a long and exhausting flight.

9. Digital Luggage Scale

This durable, easy-to-read digital luggage scale is uniquely designed to give you an accurate reading - every…single…time. The scale is lightweight and easy to carry, thanks to its portable design. Its durability enables it to withstand even the heaviest of bags. Spoil your travel enthusiast friends and family members with a handy digital luggage scale!

10. Travel Shoe Bag

Packing your shoes, clothes, and other essentials can be challenging when preparing for a long journey. If you love shoes as much as we do, you’ll know that they take up a lot of space! That’s what makes this travel shoe bag the perfect packing solution. It is ideal for packing away shoes to keep them safe from dust in the closet, or to travel conveniently. Ladies can also use the travel shoe bag to store their makeup and toiletries.

The bag is super-lightweight too, which makes it easy to carry on-the-go.Plus, it does an excellent job of keeping your shoes and other valuables clean and protected.


From birthdays to Christmas to Hanukah, we hope this helps you find the perfect gift for that special someone - but you don’t need a reason to celebrate! Purchase apresent to spice up the lives of your travel enthusiasts friends. These gifts are guaranteed to make every dayextra special for you and your loved ones.